Thursday, July 16, 2009

They probably hate puppies too

From a letter in the Eagle:
While it is true some regents did not attend Texas A&M as students, their love for Texas A&M and its traditions and spirit are unquestionable and honorable. I trust them all. Most of them have accomplished more in life than many of us could even dream of accomplishing.

That is more than can be said of those whiners who, for decades, have benefited from Aggie greatness while they teach, from their protected sanctuaries called classrooms, the opposite of what A&M is all about. They may be able to convince some unsuspecting 18 year olds with their worldly proclamations of hatred toward God, America and Aggieland, but most of us know the truth, which never changes.

* I am a great sinner but I know the Christ who is the whole truth, the abundant & eternal life and the only way. Just accept Him and stop whining. You will not regret it if you do, I promise.
And this could save a lot of money too.

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