Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grand Unification Theory

The Eagle previews what's coming up in the Regents' meeting. One highlight:
* Establishing the Institute for Innovative Therapeutics, which will serve as a "one-stop" biopharmaceutical program to research, develop and commercialize biomedical discoveries. The new institute -- which will consist of units already within the A&M system -- will "result in a single, unified biomedical enterprise," according to board documents.
As our faithful readers already know, Vice Chancellor Dr. Brett P. "eHarmony" Giroir plans to unite TIGM, TIPS, and the NCTM in a menage a trois based on their dimensions of compatibility.

In March the Institute for Innovative Therapeutics was presented as just "An integrated biomedical institute". Vision 1920 admires whoever comes up with the names of these things. Unlike other drug discovery programs, we are only interested in innovative therapeutics. We don't just have a Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing; we have a National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing. And each component is the foremost resource its kind. At least between North Zulch and Old Dime Box.

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