Monday, July 6, 2009

McKinney's notes

When the Chancellor schooled the faculty senate two weeks ago, he said
I do face-to-face verbal evaluations annually. I make notes before the face-to-face meeting so I remember to mention some positive things and some things requiring attention. What has been termed in the media as an “unprofessional evaluation” was simply my notes.
Vision 1920 assumed he was referring to this (pdf). But there was also this (pdf) more extended set of notes from later in February.
2/18 Even Ed Price said "President's office has warned everyone not to let the system commit University resources"
The Chancellor outranks the President, so those all resources are his resources. Except when the BoR wants them.
2/17 WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING Elsa unleashed on Guy & Brett with 40 pages of something "[?]. Berated them in front of "her team" - over COI concerning GMP & GLP facilities in a single organization. - she complained about not being involved - this was a meeting we called to explain [before I [unreadable]]
How dare she come to a meeting more prepared than expected? She should have warned them that she already knew about the stuff they were going to spring on her at the meeting.

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