Monday, July 6, 2009

Bud Rudder fights back!

In the Eagle:
It is true that my father was the driving force behind the transformation of Texas A&M from a small, essentially all-male military college into a modern institution of learning that welcomes students of both genders and all backgrounds.

But that vision for change should not be cynically manipulated into a justification of the effort of some associated with Texas A&M to blur the differences between our university and others instead of trumpeting its unique qualities.

One of the unique qualities of Texas A&M is a reverence for chain of command. No one understood this better than James Earl Rudder. He expected unquestioning loyalty among his Rangers at Normandy, among his employees at the General Land Office, and during his tenure at Texas A&M College.
Vision 1920 is all about trumpeting our unique qualities.

As James Earl "Bud" Rudder Jr. '62 undoubtedly remembers, General Rudder's changes to "Old Army" were made without a peep of questioning from the Old Ags.

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