Friday, July 17, 2009

No doubt

Although the news from the Board today focused on the naming of the search committee, Chairman Foster also addressed (pdf) Shared Governance:
I would now like to shift gears and talk briefly about shared governance. Over the past several weeks, members of this Board have been actively meeting with key stakeholder groups on and off campus. At some point several weeks back, the concept of shared governance was thrust into the spotlight. At no time have we, the Board, ever cast doubt on the importance of shared governance at Texas A&M or any of our other universities. I can also assure you that our Chancellor fully appreciates and supports shared governance, and has practiced it. He would not have my support, or that of the Board, if we were convinced that he did not believe in shared governance.
"There's nine people who can tell me what to do," McKinney said, referring to the regents. "I'll make my arguments to them. They argue, they listen and then they make a decision and I carry it out. You want shared governance? That's shared governance."

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