Sunday, July 12, 2009

The back door goes both ways

In yesterday's Houston Chronicle, Loren Steffy writes:
The latest handout will go in part for construction of the new center, the A&M system said in a statement at the time. Public universities typically sell bonds or seek donations to finance new construction. Instead, Perry and his buddies running the A&M system used what are supposed to be economic development funds as a backdoor appropriation.

The enterprise and tech funds have been plagued by shifting definitions of their use and a lack of accountability.

No matter how you define them, though, neither fund was supposed to finance universities already supported by our tax dollars.
Chancellor McKinney has already explained how critics are just being jerks.

Vision 1920 also notes that Steffy has it wrong. TIGM has already shown that this is not about money flowing from the ETF and TEF into the university's education budget.

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