Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Advance to the rear

KBTX reports on budget presentations made Wednesday to the Regents. Interim President Loftin described how $6.8M has been trimmed already. Most of the savings come from reducing the merit pay pool, but Loftin is also cutting the fat from his own office.
Reductions in the president's office included the elimination of the Office of the Executive Vice President for Operations, a position created by former President Elsa Murano.

By August 31, the Office of Advancement will also be eliminated.
Advancement? Aggieland is already the best place on earth.

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  1. These savings are patently false. For instance, Richard Cross and Misty Skaggs left the President's Office, contributing to it's budget cut, but went back to Animal Science. In short, their costs were just transferred to another department to absorb, on top of having to make cuts themselves. So Loftin is playing with the numbers saying he's made $6 million in cuts. He's just transferring the expenses to another department. Shame on him.