Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remember Jones Stadium

The Tceh paper has a laugh at our expense
...the vote against McKinney is the latest drama out of the university that seems to be struggling to find leadership.

But Texas Tech fans should be no strangers to McKinney. It was just eight years ago that Tech beat A&M in football and Tech fans casually threw a torn down goalpost into the stands. Rick Perry's then-chief of staff, McKinney, whose son Seth McKinney was an Aggie center, stormed into the A&M locker room with a bloody face yelling "Welcome to Tech," apparently hit during a post-game melee between students.

However, an investigation into the incident revealed McKinney was actually pushing an A&M student into the metal guardrails surrounding the field when the student hit him in an attempt to escape McKinney's swinging binoculars. Despite the investigation, McKinney called out the Tech administration, claiming the report was a "cover up" and that "the administration had failed."

It seems ironic that today we can discus McKinney's description of administrative failure, for it is he who sits in the administrative seat, without any apparent support from his own staff. While McKinney has shown an amazing ability to start feuds with his fellow Aggies, he doesn't seem to be doing himself any favors.
"Casually threw"? Here's what happened
The fans then carried the goal posts to the north end zone, toward section 15, where McKinney and other A&M fans were sitting. The Tech fans shoved the goal posts into the stands. McKinney, who was against the wall closest to the field, attempted to keep the fans from coming up into the stands.

"I was trying to keep them from coming up in the stands," McKinney said. "I pushed two of them down, and grabbed my binoculars and said, `The next one that comes up gets it.' Then, somebody who was already in the stands, I guess, came up and knocked the fool out of me. I saw him hit me -- a kid in a red shirt.

"It was like the Alamo," McKinney said. "They were coming up over the wall."
OK, so the student he fought with was an Aggie.
The report, which Sowder provided Wednesday, states that Wallace saw A&M and Tech fans fighting and attempted to stop the fights.

"He was trying to help people back into the stands when [McKinney] shoved him. [Wallace] stated that he tried to explain to [McKinney] that he was an A&M student, but [McKinney] struck him with a pair of binoculars. [Wallace] got angry and punched [McKinney] in the eye," the report stated.
There were casualties from friendly fire at the Alamo too. OK, that was mostly among the Mexicans, but it happened. Like the man says in The man who shot Liberty Valance
This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend

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  1. Game Day Ticket $40.00
    Binoculars $59.95
    Goalpost $2,500
    Watching Aggies Gig Each Other... Priceless.