Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vision 1920 catching on

Dallas Morning News:
Texas A&M University yearns to be one of the nation's top public universities by the year 2020.

But given the recent embarrassing leadership fiasco – President Elsa Murano resigned after receiving a scathing job review that to some people smacked of politics – a bitter joke around College Station is that it feels more like 1920.
Texas Monthly
Certain things about A&M are indestructible: the love and loyalty of its students and former students, its sound academic foundation, and its importance for the people of Texas. Other things, though, are fragile. One of these is academic reputation. A&M has an official goal, known as Vision 2020, to be in the top rank of public universities by that date. Critics of McKinney’s involvement refer to the current crisis as “Vision 1920.”

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