Friday, June 26, 2009

Soul man

Somehow, with all the other things that happened this week, Vision 1920 hasn't responded yet to Jon Hagler's new op-Ed on Sunday.
So, Mr. Chairman, I'm sorry we don't agree. I assure you it gives me no pleasure to be at odds with the governing body of the university I love. But facts and realities are stubborn things.

I believe you and the regents have made it clear to me, at least, that this is a struggle for the soul of this university. You have espoused a political strategy, not an educational or academic strategy. Your words were conciliatory, but with what has passed we need some clear evidence that you and your colleagues understand this university better and mean to be good stewards of this university.

I know that you know this, but this is not an oil company. Our assets do not lie deep in the ground. They stand before, sit in, and walk in and out of our classrooms and laboratories every day. That is a profound fact and it must govern management style if we are to avoid being the laughing stock of higher education.

I beg you to cause this institution to be managed utilizing the best practices developed by the best universities in our country. With all due respect, those best practices are not found within oil companies.
Vampires don't have souls.

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