Friday, June 26, 2009

CPI votes no confidence

Communique from the CPI
To all Principal Investigators,

Based on concerns from the PI community that actions on the part of Chancellor Michael McKinney have seriously undermined the research enterprise at Texas A&M University and have drastically hurt our national and international reputation, the CPI Executive Committee drafted a Resolution of No Confidence in the Chancellor. The full text of the Resolution can be found on the CPI website:

The CPI members have passed the resolution with a vote of 27 Yes, 2 No, and 2 Abstain.

At this time, we are conducting a poll of all PIs to determine their support of this Resolution.

We note that this effort coordinated by the CPI is complementary to and supportive of any similar efforts that may be undertaken by the Faculty Senate. Moreover, since the CPI and the Faculty Senate constituencies are not identical (CPI represents people that are not represented by the senate, e.g., non-tenured research faculty, and vice versa), both efforts are needed to allow all researchers and faculty members to express their views.

The deadline for PIs to cast their votes is 12 noon on Tuesday, June 30, 2009. We have set this deadline so that results will be available before the special faculty senate meeting that will be held later that day.

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