Saturday, June 20, 2009

Name that University

From a letter in today's Eagle:
...In view of the recent controversies that have been taking place between the president, the chancellor, the Board of Regents, the students, the faculty, the alumni and the politicians, it might as well be called Texas Argumentative and Meddling University...

Vision 1920 will put a stop to the arguments and meddling. Those faculty whiners need to stop meddling in how this great institution is run. Vision 1920 agrees with the writer that having A&M not stand for anything is a lost opportunity, so we're working on a new name for A&M. Our naming committee has come up with a list of finalists:
  • Texas After Murano University
  • Texas Adulterated & Miserable University
  • Texas Affordable & Moribund University
  • Texas Antediluvian & Mediocre University

We're still working on our goal of getting rid of committees.

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