Saturday, June 27, 2009

More on enlightened governance

12 is a sacred number in Aggieland: 12 is also the number of chapters in the Sutra of Perfect Enlightement. In chapter 7,the Buddha instructs bodhisattva Power and Virtue Unhindered:
...using the pure enlightened mind, they completely realize that the nature of mind as well as the faculties and objects are all based on illusory transformations. Then here they produce various illusions in order to remove illusion. Creating (transforming) all illusions, they enlighten the illusory multitude. From the production of illusion they are able to arouse great compassionate pliancy within.
Vision 1920 will produce the illusion of Shared Governance to transform the faculty to a state of compassionate pliancy so Power and Virtue can rule unhindered.

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