Sunday, June 21, 2009

Phasers on stun

Today's Eagle shows why the faculty aren't competent to participate in running the university:
[BoR Chairman] Foster said that one candidate withdrew from consideration and that another didn't meet the search criteria.
R. Douglas Slack, the chairman of the 2007 search committee, said he was dumbfounded by Foster's remarks.

"Golly, I just, holy cow. ... My goodness. I'm stunned at that," he said when he learned of the chairman's perspective.

Slack makes excuses:
One of the three candidates recommended by the committee had a weather-related emergency at his university that prevented a scheduled interview, Slack said.

Slack, a wildlife science professor and former speaker of the Faculty Senate at A&M, said he and others on the committee believed the candidate made the right decision to stay at his university during the challenging period.

"Values and ethics were the qualities that attracted us to him from the very beginning," Slack said. "Technically, he may have [withdrawn]. But when we turned in the list [to regents], he had not withdrawn. ... The bottom line is, because of the emergency, he couldn't do the interview.

"He wasn't coming for an interview, is all we heard from regents," Slack said.

Why should we hire someone who's desire to lead A&M isn't strong enough to ditch their current employer during a crisis for a 1 in 3 chance of getting the job here?
As for the candidate who didn't meet the search criteria, Slack said he had no idea what the chairman was talking about. Foster did not respond to a message seeking comment.

"You just can't imagine how frustrating this is for our committee," said Slack, who has been in contact with other members of the panel since Foster's opinion piece was released to the media. "I'm frustrated and flabbergasted at the comment about one not meeting the criteria. ... All three candidates are presidents to this day of major universities."
Just another example of faculty arrogance. Did Slack think that the Regents were going to share the criteria with the search committee? Does he post the answer keys before his exams?

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