Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where's Loftin?

Comments on the Academic Fishy Data Compilation from top A&M leaders (from the Eagle and the Chronicle of Higher Education):

  • Dean of Faculties Antonio Cepeda-Benito
    "...a simplistic and misleading way to measure faculty"
  • Provost Karan Watson
    "...we may have told them we don't really see the value in what you're doing."
  • Dean of Architecture Jorge Vanegas
    "... numbers are taken out of their full context and they feed into misconceptions or explicit lack of recognition of what the full spectrum of academia should be"
  • Dean of Business Jerry Strawser
    "...just totally and completely misleading..."
President Loftin has been strangely silent as his underlings criticize the System. Vision 1920 calls on Loftin to remind his employees about the bidirectionality of Highway 6.

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