Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Enhancing the undergraduate experience

More from Loftin's email
- Unofficial preliminary fifth-day figures show another year of record enrollment - 49,426, or 724 more than last fall.
- We have two open forums scheduled for this week as we continue our discussions on the Strategic Budget Reallocation. The first, on enhancing the undergraduate experience, will be today from 4-5:30 p.m. in Rudder 601.
Our plan to enhance the undergrad experience is to reduce teaching staff while increasing enrollment. That way Aggies get to experience more of each other in every class they take.

Update: The email also says:
My memo about these forums, and how you can view them remotely if you are unable to attend, can be found at http://tamunews.tamu.edu/2010/08/31/strategic-budget-reallocation-process/.
But if you follow the link, all it says is
All open forums are taking place in Rudder 601 and will utilize electronic simulcast for maximum participation.
Note the email says today is the first, while the website shows one from last Friday on graduate programs.

Update 2: the streams are at http://ttvn2.tamu.edu/home/?p=streams

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