Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Profits from downsizing

One of the comments in the Eagle story suggests a strategy for A&M to be even more profitable:

"The measure shows that some of our best, most prestigious faculty come out in the red," said Antonio Cepeda-Benito, dean of faculties. "Those are the people that other universities would pay money to take away from us. They're in high demand."

The highest paid faculty member who has never had an ex-president buyout is Jim Sacchettini in Biochemistry and Biophysics. The profit and loss document shows him as $159,018 in the red, shortly after TAMU fought off an attempt by the Univ. of Houston to hire him away.

The document includes the fiscal evaluation of several faculty who did leave A&M before FY2009, but who have TAMU appointments because they had graduate students in the pipeline when they left. These faculty are in the black because they have $0 salary from A&M, but we still get tuition and fees for their students. In some cases, those departed faculty were worth more than $10,000 to A&M.

Sacchettini has lots of grad students, so we would have made an even bigger short-term profit by letting him go to the Cougars, thanks to separating research funds from the bottom line. And what's the big deal about research? Sacchettini only brought in $2,217,551 in awards in FY2009 (that doesn't count this, which is from 2010).

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