Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loftin held hostage?

On Sunday we wondered where President Loftin was. On Monday, some at A&M received a communique purporting to be from him:
Texas A&M has had, for many years, mechanisms in place that allow the full range of your activities to be considered in annual performance evaluations as well as for promotion and tenure (which are guided by our faculty rules and guidelines). This report will not be used (even if inaccuracies are corrected) to assess the overall productivity of an individual faculty member, and it certainly does not speak to the quality of that productivity.
Vision 1920 is worried that President Loftin is being held hostage by faculty terrorists and sent this email under duress. Here's why:
  • The message was not delivered in public
  • Although President Loftin sends weekly emails from president@tamu.edu, this one comes from a different address.
  • There is nothing like it on his university webpage. Note how he fooled his captors by not sending faculty propaganda to the whole TAMU community.
  • Like POW Jeremiah Denton blinking out Morse Code, Loftin gets the real message through
    ...What I wish to emphasize to you is that the existence of this document does not imply change in our focus or behavior as a university. More explicitly, let me say that the mission of Texas A&M University has not changed nor have the processes we have in place for evaluating faculty.
What other explanation could there be?

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