Friday, September 24, 2010

We make it up in volume

In the Eagle:
State funding per student within the Texas A&M System will decrease by more than 17 percent if a budget cut is as large as officials have been asked to prepare for.
The state provides $7,529 per student within the 11-university A&M System this biennium, the two-year period that began September 2009.
The projected funding per student for the biennium that begins September 2011 is $6,230.
That's based on a 10 percent state reduction -- as officials have been asked to plan for -- the loss of federal stimulus money and a 6 percent enrollment increase. Calvert said that's a conservative estimate and the system's enrollment is likely to increase by closer to 10 percent.
This is great news for Texas taxpayers: we've reduced the cost of higher education!

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