Friday, September 4, 2009

Lifelong learning

Educators often like to talk about lifelong learning, and faculty will point out that they continue to learn in their roles as teachers. Vision 1920 points out an example of this in Thursday's story in the Batt about the NCTM.
The Council of Principal Investigators, CPI, which consists of faculty and researchers, expressed opposition for construction of the new center and institution during an open faculty meeting with the CPI, Faculty Senate and Giroir in late July.

Members of the CPI declined to comment on the center and institution.

"We assembled a lot of information about this at one point and it had a lot of comments from our members. We raised some issues, and I think the state is going to go ahead with this," said Norman Guinasso, director of Texas A&M's Geochemical Environmental Research Group.

He declined to comment any further.
See? They're learning.

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