Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Governor expects loyalty

The Houston Chronicle explains what happened with Tceh Regent Mark Griffin:
Griffin, who made a recent public appearance endorsing Hutchison, told The Associated Press that Perry's former chief of staff, Brian Newby, called him days later with the message: ``The governor expects loyalty out of his appointees.''
The governor isn't getting full compliance from his Regents appointees. Griffin isn't the only one to run afoul of the governor's expectations
One of the former regents, Windy Sitton, said that Scott Dueser, then chairman of the board, told her last year that the governor's office had said for Sitton "to cease and desist supporting Kay Bailey immediately or resign from the board." She said that she did neither. Perry replaced her this year after her term expired.
Former tu regent Robert Rowling and our own Erle Nye have joined the opposition team. Perhaps this is the real reason we need Jay Kimbrough as a special advisor to the BoR. Kimbrough can make sure anyone with wobbling loyalties gets the message that Griffin got:
[Griffin] withheld a public endorsement until after the legislative session ended in June so his political activity wouldn't harm legislation and funding for Texas Tech.

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