Thursday, September 24, 2009

ILSB opening

Today was the long-awaited grand opening of the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building here at Texas A&M. Here's a description of the project from a few years ago:
The ILSB will be located near Simpson Drill Field and the Memorial Student Center on the Texas A&M campus and will include approximately 220,000 square feet of space for research laboratories, teaching, and related activities.
In addition to providing stellar accommodations for research and education...
Here's what Bob Gates said back when the ILSB was being planned
"This new facility will enable Texas A&M to play a critical role in the most advanced scientific research and teaching. It will greatly aid in our recruitment of additional high-quality faculty, in attracting significant new research grants and in enrolling the very best students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels."
Here's what President Loftin is saying now:
“It will unquestionably help in our Vision 2020 quest to rise among the ranks of the country’s top public universities and, even more importantly, serve our state and nation admirably in teaching and research endeavors in a host of emerging and exciting fields.”
Vision 1920 looks forward to seeing some pictures of the state-of-the-art teaching facilities in the ILSB.

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