Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wandered lonely as a Cloud

Yesterday's Eagle
Texas A&M donor Don Cloud said he'd been stewing since the January resignation of Lt. Gen. John Van Alstyne, commandant over the Corps of Cadets.

So the class of 1959 Aggie graduate typed up an e-mail last week, carried around a rough draft in his shirt pocket for a day, and then fired away to Lt. Gen. Joe Weber, Texas A&M's vice president for student affairs.

"My wife and I hereby notify you of our resignation from the Aggie Spirit Development Council and wish to have no further association with you whatsoever," wrote Cloud, student commander of the Corps of Cadets in the 1950s.
Don Cloud gained national attention in the 1958 game against SMU in the Cotton Bowl
Texas Record is established as a boy and girl meet at half time in the middle of the Cotton Bowl and, in front of 53,000 patient fans, kiss for one minute and 45.8 seconds. The stalwart lad is Texas A&M ROTC Commander Don Cloud; the stalwart lass is Aggie Sweetheart Millie Rowland. The big smooch is a traditional ceremony, and the ceremony has become more everlasting every year. This time the kiss was so protracted the 240-piece A&M military band marched off the field leaving the couple as lonesome as a pair of lonesome ends.
The Aggies lost that day, 33-0. Cloud has been a donor to the Corps endowed scholarships.

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