Saturday, February 27, 2010

At A&M a regular VP is not good enough for facilities

In Thursday's Eagle:
Texas A&M's top facilities official will work for the A&M System, officials said this week.

Chuck Sippial, vice president for facilities, will transition to special assistant to Vergel Gay, chief facilities planning and construction officer for the 11-university system, said President R. Bowen Loftin. The $238,000-a-year vice president position will be abolished. Sippial's new pay was unclear late Wednesday.

Loftin also said he will create a new position called senior vice president for administration, which will oversee the facilities department.
Vision 1920 thought special assistant is a job title we usually use when we fire football coaches. Good to know that the hiring freeze and budget woes haven't spread to the System level. In Friday's Eagle:
Texas A&M's vice president for research, Jeffrey Seemann, will head a search committee that will look for the senior vice president for administration, officials said Thursday.
Vision 1920 is confident that half a dozen instructors from the English department could do just as good a job of watching our infrastructure crumble.

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