Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Survey says

Earlier this week, KBTX reported
The search committee to select the next president of Texas A&M University today added a survey feedback form to its online website to increase input from the public and Aggie stakeholders.
In addition to the email address to send input, an online survey is being used. The questions address what qualifications a new president should have, what parts of the student experience are most important, and what the greatest challenges facing Texas A&M are. Taking the survey requires an access code, so it's not exactly open to the public, and it isn't clear from the story who is getting the codes. [Update: See comment below. Vision 1920 seems to have used the wrong URL?]

Chairman Foster has stated that the search criteria and job description will be released prior to starting the outreach to candidates. This does not necessarily mean releasing what the survey participants or the various committee members think the criteria or job description should be. Vision 1920 has heard that the Regents do not want the criteria to rule out leaders from outside academia, and releasing a survey suggesting that A&M needs a president with actual experience at a top-notch university might be off-putting to those kinds of candidates.


  1. Dear V-1920: Just wanted to let you know that the presidential search online survey does NOT require an access code. If you go to the search site,
    and click on "Presidential Search Candidate Survey," you will directed to the survey. So far more than 5,000 people have done so.
    I believe the idea that there is an access code may come from an incomplete URL address,
    that does not contain the code that the link on the search page provides.
    In any event, it's open to everyone.
    Rod Davis
    Communications Director
    The Texas A&M University System

  2. Dear Rod,

    Thanks. The post has been updated.

  3. how does the updated system policy regarding investment change the previous systeM?